A Shy Celebrity: The Glorious Groundhog

Welcome to your A Shy Celebrity: The Glorious Groundhog

A typical groundhog weighs about 13 pounds and, unlike its squirrel cousin, hibernates in winter. A groundhog can:

Which of these is not another name for “groundhog”?

A legendary Pennsylvanian groundhog is called upon each Feb. 2 to forecast weather. What’s his name?

What will happen if the groundhog sees his shadow and returns to his hole on Feb. 2?

What’s thought to be the origin of this meteorologist myth?

The 1993 comedy film “Groundhog Day,” starring Bill Murray, is about:

In “Groundhog Day,” the Pennsylvanian small-town scenes are actually filmed in:

In the film, Murray’s character, Phil Connors, hurls himself into a deep rock quarry. That scene was filmed in Loves Park, Ill. Why does he do it?

The interior scenes of Connors’ rented bedroom in “Groundhog Day” were filmed at a warehouse in Cary, Ill. What was the name of this fictional inn?

The lead actress in “Groundhog Day” currently co-stars with her real-life daughter in the series “Maid.” Who is she?

What 1965 hit song plays on the radio each morning in “Groundhog Day”?

Director Harold Ramis co-wrote “Ghostbusters” and “Stripes,” also starring Murray. Both men grew up in Illinois. What injuries occurred while filming “Groundhog Day”?