Lincoln House & Co.: A Place in Huntley to ‘Come and Stay’

In the growing hubbub around downtown Huntley, this newcomer offers something refreshing, where people can find a cup of joe, a bite to eat and even a libation to finish off the day.

Savannah Lincoln and her brother Chandler manage many of their family’s day-to-day operations at Lincoln House & Co., in downtown Huntley.

Savannah Lincoln’s family is no stranger to Huntley. They’ve been in the area for nearly two decades, and their wedding venue, Lincoln Farmstead, has been hosting celebrations for the past six years. Now, the family is bringing a dynamic coffee shop and wine bar to the downtown area.

Lincoln runs the newly opened Lincoln House & Co. Coffee and Wine Bar, 11808 Main St., in downtown Huntley, and she’s looking forward to creating an even deeper relationship with Huntley residents.

“Despite having a wedding venue in town, the nature of that business doesn’t service the people of Huntley, per se. It’s a lot of out-of-town people wanting to come in just for that specific event,” she says. “Lincoln House makes us feel even more integrated into the community.”

Lincoln says she’d been thinking of opening a coffee shop for years, but the idea was put on the back burner while her family focused on growing the event space.

“About a year ago around this time, we had gotten a hint that some space downtown would be up for grabs,” she says. “When we saw the space and realized how central it was, we decided as a family that it was something we actively wanted to pursue.”

Lincoln House & Co. features savory dishes like this Pesto Caprese Panini.

The entire Lincoln clan jumped into the project, from Savannah’s mom, Barb, and dad, Chris, to brothers Chandler and Tanner. Together, they renovated the former gelato shop until the ambiance matched their vision.

“We did a lot of the work ourselves,” Lincoln says. “My mom is an interior designer, and my dad has worked in the building industry for about three decades, so they were pretty much the dream team.”

Though Savannah might be the most customer-facing member of the family, they all play their part.
“We all share that entrepreneurial spirit of wanting to make something from nothing,” Lincoln says. “I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else. It’s 100% worth it every day.”

A quick scan of the menu reveals a varied selection of sweet and savory items that make the perfect brunch, lunch or light dinner. Whether you’re in the mood for a portobello mushroom panini, a slice of avocado toast with parmesan and balsamic glaze, or maybe a build-your-own breakfast sandwich with a strawberry banana smoothie, you’ll find it here.

At Lincoln House, the coffee is brewed from small-batch, sustainably sourced beans roasted by Heady Cup Coffee Roasters in McHenry. Choices include latte, espresso, cappuccino, macchiato and – of course – plain black coffee.

Unlike most coffee shops, here you can opt for a glass of hand-selected wine or a bottle of craft beer instead.

Avocado toast is served on country sourdough bread at Lincoln House & Co., in Huntley.

“It makes this place a ‘come and stay’ destination rather than just kind of ‘stop and go,’ which I think is great,” Lincoln says. “Everything going on in downtown Huntley is upward movement. The village has worked hard over the past couple of years. It’s the kind of expansion and improvement the community has wanted and deserved for some time.”

Each month brings fun events at Lincoln House. There’s an open mic night every other Friday for local musicians showcase their skills. Pop-up shops, wine-tasting events and trivia games are also sprinkled throughout the calendar. Check the website,, for this month’s happenings.

“The whole goal for me – and the reason I wanted to open this space – was for it to be a place for people to come together,” Lincoln says. “Whether you come in the morning on your way to work, stop in for lunch, or come in for a glass of wine after work or school, I love when people want to share a little bit of their time with us.”

Lincoln House & Co. is open Tuesday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and Sunday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. It’s closed Mondays.