Professional Wealth Advisors: Helping Clients Manage and Maintain Their Wealth

Three financial experts joined together to provide a different approach to wealth management. The result is drawing new clients and expert advisors who value a comprehensive solution.

The experts at Professional Wealth Advisors (PWA) have a knack for managing their clients’ wealth.

“We’re able to help with all of your investment planning,” says Stephen Potts, managing partner at PWA. “You can sit down with a PWA advisor to help you in your journey from investment planning, to pursuing your dreams. If you’re starting to invest, and you have a certain income with various expenses, we can help you build that nest egg. Everyone has their own dreams and wishes, and PWA can help clients plan to pursue their individual dreams.”

The advisors at PWA, which has new offices in Crystal Lake and Downers Grove, specialize in managing their clients’ personal wealth through investments, retirement savings and estate planning.

They can also help with risk management, income tax planning, and cash flow and budgets. Full-time accountants and legal resources in-house help to round out the team’s comprehensive, holistic process.

Professional Wealth Advisors (PWA) was founded in 2015. Principals Stephen Potts, Peter Wilmot and Josh Gerry have had years of experience with other wealth management firms and wanted to rally around a different mission: to create a platform that gives advisors more independence and freedom to provide guidance, knowledge and wisdom without the constraints of proprietary corporate products.

“Having spent years working for other financial advising organizations, we wanted to be more independent and offer clients more options and products,” Potts says. “Our focus on offering diversity as well as more personalized attention was so well received. We began to share our philosophy with other advisors and many asked to join our team. Some are individuals and some are established advisory firms like Dorion-Gray Retirement Planning of Crystal Lake.”

In 2019, the partners took a big step forward and merged with Crystal Lake’s Dorion-Gray Retirement Planning, an organization founded more than 30 years ago by Paula Dorion-Gray, who has since retired.

Another important merger for PWA took place in February 2021 when it merged with HighPoint Planning Partners, an independent registered investment advisor.

Together, PWA and HighPoint Planning Partners now manage more than $8.5 billion in client assets.
“The HighPoint merger significantly ramps up our capability for advisor transactions and expands client options to more offerings and more services,” says Josh Gerry, managing partner. “Our platform is comprehensive and enables us to act as a full ‘family office’ for every client.”

The newer, stronger PWA continues to be supported by LPL Financial, one of the nation’s largest independent broker/dealers. This connection allows PWA advisors to access the technology, research and services of a bigger investment group while maintaining their independent approach.

As a whole, the firm is built on a three-point philosophy:

• A disciplined approach to investing, with an eye toward diverse allocations, low expenses and a low tax burden;

• Faith in capital markets and the ability of companies to grow and expand over time;

• Patience to stay focused on clients’ goals, despite the “noise” that occurs in the media and investment markets.

To make room for the firm’s recent expansion, PWA’s advisors have recently moved into two new, larger buildings, including a new main headquarters in Downers Grove. Having started in a 4,200-square-foot office, the firm now maintains a 22,000-square-foot space at 2651 Warrenville Road, Ste. 200, in Downers Grove. Longtime clients in the McHenry County area can continue connecting with their PWA advisors at a new, expanded suite coming to 338 Memorial Dr., Ste. 200, in Crystal Lake.

“PWA also has ancillary offices where some of the advisors work and meet with clients,” Potts says. “The majority of our activity is in the main locations with seamless communications between the two.”

Though they’ve grown their firm rapidly over the past few years, the principals at PWA continue building for the future. As a way of raising their public profile, Professional Wealth Advisors has joined forces with PGA Tour golfer Aaron Baddeley, who now serves as the firm’s brand ambassador. Baddeley was born in New Hampshire and raised in Australia. He was the youngest player to represent Australia in the World Amateur Teams Trophy, and he joined the PGA Tour in 2003. He won the Australian Masters four years later.

“PWA says ‘wealth is about more than money,’ and that has always been true for me,” Baddeley said in a publicity announcement. “Wealth is about family, being able to make a difference and giving back. It provides freedom so your family is secure, so you can help others and put your all into your passion.”

As a brand ambassador, Baddeley, who now lives in Scottsdale, Ariz., will provide a more visible, national presence for the growing financial advising organization.

“Aaron Baddeley is a world-class athlete who has won at all levels in his sport. He’s a family man of tremendous integrity, well-respected and a positive influence,” Potts says. “Aaron and the PGA Tour provides a certain brand image for our advisor team and our clients. We plan to participate with a few corporate outings at future PGA events.”

Between new offices, a larger team and a PGA ambassador, there’s a common thread, and that’s PWA’s effort to provide wealth management while finding new ways to better serve their clientele.

“Our mission is to support our clientele in a manner that instills confidence. Our advisors treat their clients like family members,” Potts says. “Another way PWA is unique is that we provide complementary in-house legal and in-house accounting resources. Our lawyers and accountants on staff are available to collaborate with advisors and clients on wills, trusts and estates.”

The more PWA grows, the easier it is for area residents to plan for their future, whether it’s for retirement, getting their kids through college or planning a trip around the world.

“At PWA, we’re working with our clients and giving them more than just financial advice,” Potts says. “Our clients receive the full spectrum of financial retirement and wealth management.”

“We offer something different, something our clients tell us is unique,” Potts says. “It’s a feeling of being like family. Josh Gerry calls us the family office. Clients call on us because they trust us to support them in their financial journey for life.”

No matter their age, PWA collaborates with clients to find the help they need planning their financial future.