Northwest Quiz, Winter 2012/13

We’ve survived another presidential election. So far, Illinois lays claim to four U.S. presidents: Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses S. Grant, Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama. How much do you know about these American leaders?

Northwest Quiz, Fall 2012

They’re disappearing fast, but remarkable barns still adorn our landscape and remind us of our rich farm heritage. See if you can match the barn with the term that best describes it.

Northwest Quiz, Summer 2012

Sure, we’re a long way from the ocean, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun in the water! See how much you know about our local rivers and lakes, then enjoy one!

Northwest Quiz: Breadbasket of the World

Test your knowledge on the contributions our Midwestern states make to feeding the world.

Northwest Quiz

‘Tis the season for colorful gardens. Can you match the pictures of these greenhouse favorites with their names?

Northwest Quiz

That happened here? Test your knowledge of local history and events by taking our quiz.