Northwest Quiz: This ‘n That

How detailed is your knowledge of our region? Take our quiz to find out. Answers on next page.

1. To what does the “Battle of Barrington” refer?

A) A decisive battle between early settlers and local Sauk tribe natives
B) A dramatic shootout between FBI agents and gangster Baby Face Nelson
C) A major clash between the Norman-French Army and English Army in Barrington, England, in 1066.

2. Lake Zurich is the home of fictional character Dr. Ryan Stone in a 2013 film. What was the film and what actor played Dr. Stone?

A) “Dallas Buyers Club,” Denis O’Hare
B) “Gravity,” Sandra Bullock
C) “The Wolf of Wall Street,” Matthew McConaughey

3. Why was Aurora nicknamed the “City of Light” in the late 1800s?

A) Because it installed an all-electric street light system in 1881
B) Because it was founded by Jonathan Light, a brilliant New York businessman
C) Because a group of enlightened abolitionists operated here during the Civil War

4. During the early 1900s, ice was harvested from Crystal Lake and shipped by rail to Chicago. What caused the demise of this business?

A) A series of fatal accidents made it too difficult to attract ice cutters.
B) A devastating epidemic was traced to water-borne bacteria from the lake.
C) The invention of refrigeration made the need for lake ice obsolete.

5. When brothers James and Hezekiah Gifford chose a place to settle along the Fox River in April 1835, they named it “Elgin.” Why?

A) Elgin was the name of Hezekiah’s long-lost love.
B) Elgin was the name of a beloved horse James lost on the Chicago-Galena trail.
C) Elgin was the title of a Scottish song the brothers both liked.

6. Illinois has more layers of local government than any other state and one of the worst tax rates. Townships are one layer many states don’t have. How many townships exist within Kane and McHenry counties combined?

A) 8
B) 16
C) 33

7. A major storm dumped more than 21 inches of snow on our region within a two-day period, killing five people. One of those deaths was caused by a crazed snowplow driver. O’Hare Airport was closed for 96 hours. What was that weather event called?

A) The Blizzard of 1959
B) The Blizzard of 1979
C) The Blizzard of 1999

8. Which famous U.S. First Lady lived in Batavia for less than a year?

A) Mary Todd Lincoln, after her son Robert committed her to Bellevue Place.
B) Eleanor Roosevelt, when she worked for a children’s aid society before marrying.
C) Hillary Clinton, when she was a child and her father made drapes here.

9. Lake County is aptly named; 67 percent of its square miles is water. Lake Michigan aside, about how many recognized lakes exist here?

A) 10 to 20
B) 50 to 60
C) 80 to 90

10. Which of these food products is NOT currently associated with Chicagoland?

A) Claussen pickles
B) Ritz Crackers
C) World’s Finest Chocolate
D) Fisher Nuts
E) Starkist Tuna
F) Wrigley chewing gum

Quiz Answers

1. B

2. B

3. A

4. C

5. C

6. C

7. B

8. A

9. C

10. E