Stop by Starved Rock

Welcome to your Stop by Starved Rock

1. How many acres is Starved Rock State Park?

2. The park’s signature topography, with its exposed rock canyons, is a result of this event.

3. This Ottawa chief’s stabbing in 1769 led to events that inspired the park’s name.

4. French explorers built this fort in Starved Rock in the winter of 1682.

5. How many canyons can be found in Starved Rock State Park?

6. Starved Rock Lodge and the park’s trail systems were constructed in the 1930s by this organization.

7. In 1835, the land currently occupied by Starved Rock State Park was purchased by this former U.S Army officer.

8. Starved Rock State Park can be found on the banks of this major waterway.

9. Which of these archaeological sites is not found in Starved Rock State Park?

10. In the winter months, Starved Rock State Park is a haven for birdwatchers who wish to observe this bird.