The Texan BBQ: The Success is in the Taste

Discover a restaurant born from a family’s desire to re-create an authentic Texas taste.

McNally’s Traditional Irish Pub

Casual/Irish American. Authentic Irish pub atmosphere. Shepherd’s Pie, Boxty, Irish stew, bangers & mash, burgers, steaks, draft beer
109 W. Main St., St. Charles
(630) 513-6300

Nothing Sly About This Fox

It touches nearly 11 counties in its 185-mile journey from Waukesha County, Wis., to the Illinois River near Ottawa. Learn how environmentalists are protecting the Fox River and discover the best places to paddle and play.

Arcedium Coffee House

60 Indiana St., St. Charles
(630) 444-0610

Follow the Eagles In Wisconsin and Illinois

The majestic bald eagle is a common sight along the waterways of the Old Northwest Territory. Learn more about how you can find these proud symbols of our nation – right in our own backyards.