8 Challenging Golf Holes

These are the holes that test golfers’ souls – the meanest holes to be found at some of our region’s top courses. With some help from area golf pros, we look at the anatomy of these dastardly layouts and the strategies that enable the patient golfer to prevail.

Great Venues for Your Golf Play Day

Whether it’s a small gathering or a sold-out event, golf courses can custom-tailor their services for a variety of fun golf play days. Find out how these local courses inspire un-fore-gettable events.

Porter’s Pub: Fare on Par with the Best of Britain

Restaurant Profile: This British-style pub will leave you believing you’re at the fanciest of gentlemen’s clubs, even though it’s set at a public golf course. Step inside the upscale clubhouse at Bowes Creek Golf Club.

Bowes Creek Golf Club

1250 Bowes Creek Boulevard, Elgin Ill.