We Love Chritmas!

Welcome to your We Love Christmas!

1. Which of these Christmas traditions originated with our German ancestors?

2. Rockford Choral Union has presented this famous classical piece for nearly 75 years as a gift to the community. What is it?

3. How many people attended the one-day Stroll on State celebration in downtown Rockford last year?

4. Many African-Americans will celebrate Kwanza from Dec. 26-Jan. 1 this year, along with Christmas. What does the Swahili word “Kwaanza” mean?

5. Last year, the Festival of Lights at Phillips Park in Aurora drew more than 30,000 visitors. When did this tradition begin?

6. Nearly every year, young dancers in the northwest suburbs present “The Nutcracker.” Where did this classic ballet premiere in December 1892?

7. Many Jewish-Americans will celebrate Hanukkah from Dec. 10-18 this year. What does the Hebrew word “Hanukkah” mean?

8. Saint Lucia will be celebrated on Dec. 13 by many descendants of Sweden, Norway, Italy, Denmark and Finland. Lucia lived from 283 to 304 AD. Who was she?

9. How many holiday lights does Rotary Gardens in Janesville typically display at its spectacular annual Holiday Light show?

10. Which beloved 1940s Hollywood Christmas film stars Jimmy Stewart?

11. Which country contributed fruitcake, eggnog and mulled cider (wassail) to our Christmas traditions?

12. Which Christmas plant was brought here by the first U.S. ambassador to Mexico?

13. Which of these was not one of the ways that 1830s pioneers of our region celebrated Christmas?

14. Many local churches will celebrate Epiphany on Jan. 6, a Christian holiday that pre-dates the first Christmas feast (336 AD) and today marks the end of the 12 Days of Christmas. Which figures are central to Epiphany?

15. What royal couple is credited with turning Christmas into a family-oriented holiday?

16. The plump and jolly Santa Claus we know today is a hybrid of St. Nicholas, Odin, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Sinter Klaas and others. What author defined his appearance as we know him today?

17. If the gift-giving witch La Befana is part of your Christmas tradition, your ancestral homeland is likely:

18. What is British figgy pudding?

19. Residents of which city are most likely to serve Fondue Chinoise or Filet im Teig with Swiss jam or Brunsli cookies on their Christmas menu?

20. Woodward, in Loves Park at North Second Street, has erected an elaborate drive-thru Christmas display for more than 50 years. Along with a huge Christmas tree, what does it feature?