Local Presidential Connections

Welcome to your Local Presidential Connections

Chicago has hosted more political conventions than any other American city. How many?

Only one Wisconsin resident has ever appeared on a major party’s Presidential ticket. Can you name him?

Your new question!When it comes to the vice president, several Illinoisans have appeared on the ticket, but only two have won. Who are they?

In which Illinoisan’s former home can you still find a secret hiding place for pennies?

One presidential candidate proudly claimed Rockford as his home. Under which party’s ticket did this candidate appear?

Several presidential candidates have called Chicagoland home. Which of these did not?

Your new question!

When Abraham Lincoln ran for President in 1860, he faced a familiar foe from his home state. Can you name this feisty opponent?

Democrat Russ Feingold, a Janesville resident and former Wisconsin senator, never ran for president, but co-sponsored a bill that has affected presidential campaigns. What did it concern?

Reporter Bob Woodward has written about many episodes in presidential history, most famously President Richard Nixon’s involvement in the Watergate scandal. In which western Chicago suburb did Woodward spend his childhood?

Several presidents have won the general election after being nominated by their party in Chicago. Which of these presidents was not nominated in Chicago?