Home Sweet Home

Welcome to your Home Sweet Home

Nicknamed the “City of Lights,” this was the first community in the U.S. to electrify its streetlights.

What city was originally known as Centerville? (Hint: Think groundhog)

A railroad spur line was built solely to accommodate the 1883 wedding of a millionaire’s daughter here.

A famous 1934 gun battle resulted in the death of “Baby Face” George Nelson and two federal agents here.

Major horse racing events take place in this city.

Where can you find a Japanese garden with s summer villa remodeled by Frank Lloyd Wright?

“The Blues Brothers” was partially filmed here, with the main characters driving onto Phil’s Beach.

In what city did the Kane County Anti-Slavery Society proudly form two decades before the Civil War?

The NOW Arena is here, home to the Windy City Bulls, the Chicago Bulls’ affiliate in the NBA G League.

The late Gary Adams, founder of TaylorMade Golf, borrowed against his home in this city to found his business.

What city has a soft spot for Elsie the Cow?

The Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory calls this city home.

Receding glacier remnants are found at Volo Bog State Natural Area, a National Natural Landmark. Where is it?

What village contains the University Center of Lake County, offering courses from 20 Illinois colleges and universities?

This city is the self-proclaimed “Milk Capital of the World.”