Get Your Kicks on Route 14

Welcome to your Get Your Kicks on Route 14

1. The Illinois section of Route 14 was given this ceremonial title, after this United States president.

2. This village along Route 14 is home to one of the largest polo clubs in the Midwest.

3. Though it shares a name with the famous summer camp, this city on Route 14 has yet to record a sighting of Jason, from the “Friday the 13th” horror franchise.

4. History buffs traveling Route 14 will find this Wisconsin city has 2,448 buildings on the National Register of Historic Places.

5. Route 14 takes travelers deep into Yellowstone National Park, home of the Old Faithful geyser. How many geysers total are found in the park?

6. This former stomping ground for Hollywood legends was also home to Chester Gould, the artist behind “Dick Tracy.”

7. Route 14 was the site of the Battle of Barrington, where this notorious gangster was shot and killed by federal agents in 1934.

8. Travelers on Route 14 can’t miss the giant cow in this Illinois city, which is the self-proclaimed milk capital of the world.

9. Sandwich lovers might be interested to know that the founder of this franchise was born in Arlington Heights.

10. If you’re driving along Route 14 in September, you might want to pop in to Darien, Wis., to check out this annual festival.