Kaplan Paving: Asphalt Still Makes an Attractive Driveway

Asphalt is by no means the only driveway surface, but for plenty of homeowners its flexibility and durability – not to mention new advancements in its look – make it a top choice for many.

Asphalt is both affordable and durable, which makes it a top choice for many homeowners. Advancements in asphalt coloring and brick pavers further expand its attractive qualities.

We use it almost daily, but we often forget: the driveway is a major part of our home’s curb appeal. When the driveway looks its best, so does our home.

These days, options abound for classing up a home driveway. With choices like decorative asphalt and durable paver stones, it’s easy to dress up a home’s entrance in a hurry.

But first, it’s important to hire the right crew. A long-lasting reputation for high-quality work is what separates good results from the fly-by-night competition. Since 1979, Kaplan Paving, 34523 N. Wilson Road in Ingleside, has been laying pavement across the Chicago suburbs and southeast Wisconsin.

“Our asphalt paving company specializes in transforming driveways, parking lots and roads into smooth, durable surfaces that stand the test of time,” says Megan Miller, marketing manager for Kaplan Paving. “With our expert team and top-of-the-line equipment, we deliver quality results efficiently and affordably.”

Perhaps the easiest place to revitalize a home driveway is with a fresh sealcoat, a task that should be done roughly every other year. Of course, it restores that slate-black appearance to a driveway, but it also has several benefits. Because it smooths the surface of asphalt, sealcoat makes the drive easier to sweep and plow, says Miller. Sealcoat also resists things like gas, oil and road salts, in addition to water that might otherwise create freezing, thawing and cracking in pavement.

“Best of all, properly sealed asphalt will more than double the life of your pavement,” says Miller.

Once cracks, ruts and damage place a driveway’s condition beyond repair, it’s time to look at replacement. Traditionally, asphalt and concrete were always top-of-mind, but with recent advancements in asphalt, this has risen to the top of many families’ preferences.

For one thing, asphalt tends to be one of the most affordable and cost-effective options, in part because it’s easier to install and maintain than other materials, says Miller.

“Routine maintenance for asphalt driveways typically involves crackfilling and sealcoating, which are relatively simple and inexpensive compared to other materials,” she adds.

It’s durable in high-traffic settings, particularly when boats and RVs are involved, and it’s a fairly flexible material that adapts well with the rapid fluctuations in temperature and moisture that are common in the Midwest.

“Asphalt is a recyclable material,” adds Miller. “Many people see this as an environmentally friendly choice, especially when homeowners are concerned about sustainability.”

Recent advancements also make asphalt a more attractive alternative to concrete – quite literally.

Kaplan Paving is a supplier of SealMaster’s ColorPave products, which come in nearly 20 colors. This approach dresses up an asphalt drive with aesthetically appealing results.

Asphalt is by no means the only prime surface. Driveways are experiencing a revolution thanks to durable paver stones, like those produced by Unilock. These stones create attractive surfaces on everything from driveways and walkways to retaining walls, pool decks and outdoor kitchens.

When it comes to adding them on the driveway, a homeowner can cover the whole drive or create a “ribbon” of bricks to frame an asphalt stretch.

“Kaplan Paving has installed more than 3,000 Unilock brick paver projects across Illinois,” says Miller. “We’ve built a reputation for quality construction, detailed craftsmanship and unsurpassed service to become a preferred contractor.”

What product is right for your home? Miller believes there are nine essential factors to selecting the right pavement. It starts with budget, durability and design, but it also includes factors like drainage, timeline and personal preference.

It’s also important to consider any future plans that may affect the design or the location of your driveway, Miller adds.

Perhaps the most important factor, though, is centered around whom you hire. This is an industry where disreputable companies proliferate. It’s important to do your homework first.

“Research and choose a reputable contractor with experience in driveway installation,” says Miller. “Our team approaches every job like it was their own home or business, and we place a priority on professional development and the latest industry training. When you hire the right people, you ensure quality workmanship and timely completion on your job.”

To schedule a free estimate or learn more about a new driveway, call Kaplan Paving at (847) 949-1500.