Northwest Quarterly Quiz: That’s Entertainment

Many celebrated entertainers have called our region home. How many do you know about?

Welcome to your That's Entertainment

Jazz drummer, composer and bandleader Louie Bellson was born in which Illinois city?

While living in Lake Geneva, Gary Gygax invented what popular game?

This song by Rockford’s Cheap Trick was their first single to hit No. 1 on the Billboard charts

In 1982, a photo of this DeKalb resident lounging by a swimming pool launched their modeling career.

In which of these films is one-time Dixon resident Ronald Reagan not the star?

Many talented actors have trod the boards at the Woodstock Opera House, including Orson Welles and this Academy Award winner.

Rockford’s Jodi Benson is best known for providing the voice of which Disney animated character?

Before creating this popular YouTube channel, Crystal Lake’s Sean Evans studied broadcast journalism at University of Illinois.

Princeton’s Virgil Fox became world renowned for playing this musical instrument.

This Golden Globe-winning actress is from Freeport.