Northwest Quarterly Quiz: Grilling Season

Summertime spells grilling. Or is it barbecuing? Is there a difference? What about smoking? And what about all those sauces and rubs Americans feel so strongly about? Whew. Grill skills can be complicated, but the result can be oh-so-tasty. Test your knowledge on some basics.

Welcome to your Grilling Season

1. What’s the most commonly grilled protein in the U.S. today?

2. What’s the difference between grilling and barbecuing?

3. The word “barbecue” evolved from “barbacoa,” a low, slow cooking technique that uses green wood to prevent food from burning, developed by natives of Hispaniola. Where is Hispaniola?

4. What type of wood is not recommended for use in smoking meat?

5. If your barbecued ribs are flavored with a spice rub rather than a wet sauce, they may be inspired by which location?

6. If the sauce on your barbecued ribs is very sweet, what might be its origin?

7. If your barbecued pork is dressed with a thin, peppery, vinegary sauce, where might it be from?

8. If your beef brisket is marinated in a sauce of bold, smoky flavors like chili powder, cumin and Worcestershire sauce, it may hail from this place.

9. The first modern barbecue grill was invented in 1952 in Chicago by a welder at Weber Brothers Metal Works after he cut this object in half and welded three legs onto it. What was the object?

10. What’s the person who oversees the cooking in a barbecue pit called?