Brad Nordlof: Colors & Textures We Crave Once Again!

Local nature photographer Brad Nordlof has searched high and low for some of the best spring scenery and natural beauty in our area.

There are times when our trials and tribulations can seem tiny when compared to the size and majesty of our beautiful natural landscape.

Nature photographer Brad Nordlof has scoured the area in search of some of the brightest and most vibrant spring scenery. It’s a welcome bit of glamour and warmth and a good reminder that the cold and gray landscape of early spring will soon give way to warmer days.

Spring is my favorite time of year, and my favorite spring flower is the tulip. A single flower is beautiful, but I love the impact of the large group of tulips in this photo. I had an opportunity to capture this large tulip garden last May.

Trees fill out near a pond at Nygren Wetlands Preserve, in Rockton, in mid-May. Mother Nature has a beautiful way to wake up the Midwest each year.

The salmon-colored rose was my late mother’s favorite. I often purchase them to celebrate her, and in February this beautiful bouquet did just that. The color was vibrant, so I had to photograph them. What fun that was. I photographed in several color renditions, including black and white. It was late in dreary February, but the color rendition won me over.

My wife, Duawn, definitely has a green thumb. This photograph only captured a few of blooms because this amazing orchid had well over 20 blooms at one time. I was surprised to see how long they lasted, and I enjoyed photographing them while quarantining last March.

This tulip tree, which started blooming in late May, was hard to miss. I remember the day’s elegant light was perfect for a colorful glow.

I visited Holland, Mich., in May a few years ago during their annual tulip festival. The festival is a lot of fun to visit and photo ops are everywhere. I enjoyed my first visit so much that I decided to make a trip for just a day last year. My favorite flower put on quite a show. This large windmill is actually active. Group tours are provided, which give quite a background and history.

About the Artist

Photographer Brad Nordlof captures many large-scale, panoramic scenes of the natural world. Using a high-powered, medium format DSLR camera, Nordlof carefully pursues his subjects. Guided by more than 40 years of experience, he composes his photos in vivid colors and textures.

Landscape and fine art photography have long been a passion for Nordlof, whose studio, Northern Leaf Imaging, is based in Rockford. There, he prints and frames his artwork for display in professional and residential settings. Visit to learn more about his work or to contact him.