Business Marketing Strategies: Promote Yourself

There’s an important lesson from the last recession that’s just as true today: Those who stay in the forefront will ride the wave of recovery. Monica Brubaker explains.

There is no denying that COVID-19 has majorly affected the business environment. While it’s provided a major boom for some businesses, for many independently owned and operated businesses the outcome has been much different.

Remember the recession of 2008? Many businesses suffered, and although it was a difficult time those businesses that were strategic were able to pick up market share because they were innovative and kept their business name, product, and service at the forefront of consumers’ minds.

When things turned around – and they always do turn around – those businesses that stayed engaged in the downturn became stronger and they picked up market share from those who faded away.

Now, 2020 is passing and 2021 will bring new challenges and opportunities. The question is: How do you continue to reach your business’ target market now that so much has changed?

The answer is not the same for all, but many struggling businesses can find solace in the fact that there are a variety of ways to stay in front of your target market cost-effectively – especially in today’s environment.
Though many people are working from home, they still must leave their residence and travel to the store or other places for essential services. They will come, if you know how to reach them.

Many advertising and marketing vehicles are offering customers/clients incentives to promote their product and/or service.

Studies show that people are reading more these days, and they’re not necessarily on the computer as much – especially since they’re spending so much more of their workday in front of a screen.

Print media in a contained product, such as a magazine, provides a cost-effective option to keep your potential customer/client engaged in your product or service. A refreshing break! Grab a cup of coffee, tea or favorite beverage and thumb through a magazine.

When consumers do venture out of their homes, signage, outdoor advertising and radio can help you to reach your target market, but you have to know how to use them effectively.

TV and cable can be effective but costly. As with other forms of advertising, this expense can be worth it only if your message is seen by your target market. There are many stations and networks to chose from. This is why an advertising and marketing expert is worth their weight in gold. They can help you to analyze the best places to reach your audience.

A good, comprehensive marketing approach is now more important than ever. Be business ready.

Do not let your current or future potential customers forget about who you are and what you do. Stay recognized so that you can be one of those businesses that survives and grows when this is all over.

Monica Brubaker is the principal of Eloquent Media Communications, an advertising and marketing firm. Monica previously was President of New Life Printing & SERVICES.

She spent more than two decades in the printing, advertising, marketing and publishing business. Monica headed up the Business Connector Radio Talk Show, authored thousands of articles for several magazines and for a decade hosted The Business Connector Magazine business symposium and networking events.

A former critical care nurse with vast experience in health care marketing, she has assisted clients in many industries in connecting with their target markets and increasing their bottom line. Contact Monica at mlbemc {at}