Northwest Quiz: Winter Critters

Many animals hibernate during cold Illinois winters, but you can still find some out and about in our region. See if you can figure out which animal matches up to each of the following facts. No peeking! Answers below.

Quiz Questions

1. Seven states use this songbird as their state bird. Which is it?

2. This bird typically rests on high perches so that it can more easily find prey below. What is it?

3. Which critter can survive negative temperatures by creating warm nests out of wood?

4. Certain river towns hold activities for watching which type of wintering bird?

5. Which animal produces a strong scent as a form of defense against predators?

6. In the summer, this animal displays reddish-brown fur, but its color changes to grayish-brown in the winter.

7. Which critters mate in winter, surviving the cold temperatures by living in dens?

8. Many of these animals suffer frostbite during the winter, because they don’t have enough fur on their ears and tails to keep them warm.

9. Which bird is known to wander north in the fall, and stay there through winter?

10. This animal is often solitary, but during fall and winter it forms small packs to hunt small prey.

11. Which critters stock up on nuts and seeds during the summer and fall so that they have enough to eat during the winter?

12. What is the only Illinois butterfly to migrate south for the winter?

13. Which birds nest during winter so that they can hunt more easily without having leaves block their view?

14. Which animal typically turns white in northern territories during winter, but remains brown in the south year-round?

15. This creature is the largest thrush, or songbird, found in North America. What is it?


Quiz Answers

1. Cardinal
2. Red-Tailed Hawk
3. Black-Capped Chickadee
4. Bald eagle
5. Striped skunk
6. White-tailed deer
7. Red Fox
8. Opossum
9. Red-Bellied Woodpecker
10. Coyote
11. Squirrel
12. Monarch
13. Great Horned Owl
14. Long-Tailed Weasel
15. Robin