Makeup Tips: How to Frame Your Eyes

Ever wonder how to get your eye makeup looking just right? The gals at Arch Apothecary, in Rockford, offer some simple tips for framing your eyes just right.

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Tools: Two eye shadow brushes & one concealer brush

Products: Terry #5 Misty Rock Ombre Blackstar; Nars Eyeshadow Duo Kuala Lampur; Terry Ash Brown Brow Pencil; RMS uncover-up concealer

Step 1

Step One:

Apply the By Terry #5 Misty Rock cream eye shadow all over your eyelids. Then blend evenly with an eye shadow brush.

Step 2

Step Two:

Starting at the lash line apply with your other eye shadow brush the deepest color in the Nars Eyeshadow Duo then blend up into your crease with the lightest color.

Step 3

Step Three:

Fill in your brows with the By Terry Ash Brown brow pencil. Make sure the color is well blended using the brush at the end of the pencil.

Step 4

Step Four:

Clean up any eyeshadow that fell below your eyes. Next apply & blend the RMS uncover-up concealer with a concealer brush.