Northwest Quiz: Your Neighbor Cities

How well do you know your neighbors? Match each question to one of the cities from this list. Each city is used twice. No peeking! Answers are below.

Crystal Lake
Arlington Heights
St. Charles
Hoffman Estates


1. What community was known as “Typewriter City” in the Roaring ’20s?

2. In what city was a railroad spur line built solely to accommodate the 1883 wedding of a millionaire’s daughter?

3. A 1934 gun battle resulted in the death of the infamous gangster “Baby Face” (George) Nelson and two federal agents. Where did it take place?

4. What city boasts an authentic, working, 1850s Dutch windmill?

5. What community has a larger population than any other incorporated as a “village” in the U.S.?

6. The iconic film The Blues Brothers was partially filmed here, for a scene in which the main characters drive onto the beach.

7. What village has a lake in its center and is just 15 miles from Wisconsin?

8. In what city did the Kane County Anti-Slavery Society proudly form, two decades before the Civil War?

9. What city owns the Sears Centre?

10. What city was home to the late Gary Adams, founder of TaylorMade Golf?

11. What city is closely associated with Elsie the Cow?

12. What city was originally known as Centerville? (Hint: groundhogs live here)

13. What’s the largest city in McHenry County?

14. What village is home to University Center of Lake County, which offers courses from 20 Illinois colleges and universities?

15. What village is associated with major horse racing events?

16. What community has the 7th wealthiest zip code in the United States?

17. What city is home to a minor-league affiliate of the Chicago Cubs?

18. What city recently named itself the “water garden capital of the world”?

19. What village was named for a Winnebago Indian chief whose name means “Spirit Water”?

20. What city is home to major employers including AT&T, GE Capital, and ADP?

21. Remnants of receding glaciers are found at Volo Bog State Natural Area. With what city is it associated?

22. What city is home to one of the most lucrative casinos in the state?



1. Woodstock, where Emerson Typewriter Co. and Oliver Typewriter Co. manufactured more than half of the world’s typewriters by the early ’20s.

2. Crystal Lake, where Charles S. Dole entertained the rich and famous at his lakeside mansion.

3. Barrington

4. Geneva, at Fabyan Forest Preserve

5. Arlington Heights, population 75,000.

6. Wauconda

7. Grayslake

8. St. Charles was home to this lively group of abolitionists.

9. Hoffman Estates

10. Adams founded TaylorMade in McHenry, in 1979, by borrowing $24,000 on his house.

11. Elgin, home of Borden dairy products.

12. Woodstock was named for its central position in McHenry County when it was chosen as county seat in 1843. The rather pedestrian name was changed to “Woodstock” a few years later, in honor of Woodstock, Vt.

13. Crystal Lake, population 41,000. Compare that to Kane County’s Aurora, No. 2 in Illinois, with about 200,000 residents.

14. Grayslake

15. Arlington Heights is home to Arlington Park Race Track, which hosts a qualifying event for the Breeders’ Cup.

16. The Village of Barrington, zip code 60010.

17. Geneva is home to the Kane County Cougars.

18. The St. Charles City Council adopted this title in 2008.

19. Wauconda, originally spelled “Wakanda”.

20. Hoffman Estates, which is also home for Serta, Sears Holdings Corp., and Mary Kay.

21. Both Volo Bog and Moraine Hills State Park are located near McHenry.

22. Elgin, where the stationary boat Grand Victoria Casino Elgin earned $212 million in 2012.