Northwest Quiz, Fall 2012

They’re disappearing fast, but remarkable barns still adorn our landscape and remind us of our rich farm heritage. See if you can match the barn with the term that best describes it. No peeking! Answers posted below. Photos by Jon McGinty

Quiz Answers:

Barns are often described by their roof-lines. A “bank” barn is simply a barn built into a hill. No. 10 is a bank barn with a gable-style roof. To learn more about barns and efforts to preserve them, check out the Illinois Barn Alliance, at

1. I: Gambrel-roof barn
2. C: Gable-roof barn
3. E: Gothic-roofed barn
4. B: Monitor barn
5. G: Quonset-style barn
6. A: Round barn
7. D: Quarry stone barn
8. J: Prairie barn
9. H: Oval bank barn
10. F: Bank barn