Northwest Business Magazine - 18
Olsson Roofing Company Celebrates 100 Years

Started by a tradesman with a dream, this company has grown up to take on some of northern Illinois’ toughest roofing challenges. See how this company has built a name for itself.

Baird & Warner Celebrates 160 Years of Service

What’s now the largest real estate broker in Illinois and the oldest in the nation has certainly grown with its hometown. The values of its founders still ring true today, through five generations of family ownership.

Why Manufacturing Education Matters

Forget what you think you know about factories. Many of today’s production centers are clean, high-tech places to work – and these employers are thirsty for a new generation of workers.

Milestones: M.J. Miller & Co. Celebrates 45 Years

From his father’s small North Dakota shop to his own jewelry store Barrington, Mike Miller has been guided by three ideals: quality, relationships and community.

Success Stories: EPP Advisory Group Inc.

Coaching people toward successful outcomes has always been part of Cathryn Perfetti’s life ambition. Now, she’s taking her message into individual businesses.