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Man of Stone: Carving Out a Lifetime of Inspiration

Few people can guess what they’ll do with their lives at the age of 12, but Walter Arnold didn’t have that problem. This clasically-trained sculptor still uses old-school techniques for pieces displayed around the nation.

A 1929 Beauty Celebrates 10 Years Since Rebirth

A decade after its massive renovation, Crystal Lake’s crown jewel is still shining, even through this recession. Discover what it is about this former movie and vaudeville house that keeps audiences returning.

Music by the Lake: Eleven Seasons Strong, and Still Growing

Broadway musicals and big-name acts are just part of the amazing lineup visitors will find at this outdoor concert venue. Meet the big-city personality behind the summer spectacular.

Massion’s Passion: Why There’s Always Time to Paint

Meet a Hampshire-area artist who’s rekindled a lifelong love for art, and see the dynamic Midwestern images she captures.

BIFF: Where It’s Lights, Camera, Audience Reaction!

Every year, hundreds of filmmakers and cinema buffs converge on Beloit for a film festival of international scale. Find out what’s coming up in this year’s lineup at the Beloit International Film Festival.