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Looking Out for Winged Wonders: Butterflies in the Fox Valley

The Monarch isn’t the only backyard butterfly to make its home here. Look at other species you’re likely to find here, and learn how citizen scientists are doing their part to support our butterflies.

The Saddle Room: A Sure Bet

Discover a Hoffman Estates restaurant where local and seasonal cuisine prevail, where the ambience feels like a “downtown restaurant in the suburubs,” and the OTB room keeps things exciting.

Events @ a Glance: Recreation & Destinations Calendar

Recreation opportunities abound in our region! Here are a few of the best our area has to offer.

Events @ a Glance: Arts & Entertainment Calendar

There’s so much to do in our region! Here’s a look at what’s coming up this season in our many arts venues.

For a Colorful Yard, Fixate on Fall Foliage

Sure, fall is a great time to witness vibrant colors in your yard, but it’s also a great time to plant flowers and shrubs that look great in any season. Discover a few plants that just plain love fall weather.