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Elgin Symphony Orchestra Makes ‘The Soundtrack for Our Lives’

This symphony’s newest season is off to a starry beginning and a schedule that boasts some big names in the music world. Discover which impressive conductors make an appearance in Elgin.

Events at a Glance: Arts & Entertainment Calendar

There’s so much to see in our area this season! Here’s just a sample of what’s coming up.


Steaks, Chops, Seafood
17 W. State St., Geneva, Ill.
(630) 232-1FOX

Cardiac Emergencies: Protect the Most Important Muscle

When a loved one suffers a heart attack or experiences a heart-related emergency, every minute counts. Learn what happens during a heart attack, and how local cardiac teams respond when every minute counts.

CFP Campaign Helps to Clear Up Confusion

Don’t trust what you see in the news about financial investments? Brian Conroy, of Savant Capital Management, offers advice on why a CFP designation can help you find a reputable financial planner.